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Sean Malseed, who are you?

I'm a guy in Philadelphia who makes things. I love technology, programming, art, and trying to figure out Google.

Currently, I'm the Director of Strageic Development at, which is a competitive analytics tool used by SEOs and marketing agencies across the world. I handle our API and data integrations, which has given me a chance to work with great companies like, Conductor, Wordtracker, Brightedge and many more.

I have a pretty sweet speaking schedule which takes me across the world, presenting at conferences such as SMX, PubCon, Search Marketing Day, SES, and more.

I also write apps for iOS and Android, and I've got a really nerdy one that's pretty popular. It's a Magic: The Gathering life counter called Awesome Magic Life Counter (iTunes Store) (Google Play)

Things I've Made

Things I've Made

I've made a bunch of things. Check some of them out!

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Where in the world is Sean Malseed?

Here is my speaking schedule, list of past appearances, and selection of presentations.

OMCap Berlin

October 2013
Big Data presentation MORE
Presentation on Big Data with Etai Rosen of SimilarWeb

SES Stockholm

October 2013
PPC characteristics in the Nordics MORE
Session on PPC characteristics in the Nordics

Search Marketing Day Poland

June 2013
SEO Alternatives Track MORE
SEO Alternatives track - The Death of Trial and Error - how to plan the beginning stage of PPC campaign using your competitors' experience

SMX London

May 2013
Creating, Testing, Optimizing MORE
Creating, Testing and Optimizing Ads - Want to write the best ads the world has ever seen, and then prove you’ve done it? This session covers all of the important tactics and best practices, including keyword selection, topics, types of testing, demographics, ad formats and more.

Pubcon New Orleans

April 2013
Keyword Research MORE
Finding the right keywords can be time-consuming and difficult; however, finding the perfect keywords is the difference between success and failure.

SMX Toronto

March 2013
Advanced Keyword Research MORE
Advanced Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis Tactics. Doing keyword research? There are a range of tools you can – and should – consider. But don’t do your research in a vacuum – you also need to have a strong understanding of your competitors and what they consider to be their strongest keywords. This session looks how to perform better research to attract visitors and customers.

Pubcon Austin

February 2013
PPC Management and Strategies MORE
The world of PPC has been advancing as fast as the organic Search Engine algorithms. While the top two are Google Adwords and Bing Ads, there are other options like Facebook and Linkedin to consider. The session will cover some of the latest advancements in PPC management and strategies.

OMS San Diego

February 2013
Applying PPC Intelligence Data MORE
In this session, you will learn about how to think differently about the application of PPC data such as in applying the PPC intelligence data you uncover on your competitors to many different situations, both online and off. You will learn to use reverse engineering to effectively figure out your competitors' secrets and learn how to use this information to your advantage. Via extrapolating online data to decipher all aspects of a business or campaign, you can use this to power your “element of surprise.“ Join Sean Malseed who will show you the various types of data and tools at your disposal, and the simple things you can do to reveal details such as competitors' ad spend, budget, and ROI—both online and of—and it can all be done from behind a computer.

SES Chicago

November 2012
Competitive Analysis & Search Engine Tricks MORE
An essential component of any search marketing plan is understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Knowing how to play catchup on strategy & linkbuilding is also crucial. This knowledge helps you comprehend what links to gain, ad prices to pay, content to offer, and customers to seek. This session will take a close look at the search engine tricks you can use to analyze your competitors' game and also the free and premium tools that are available to deep dive into their strategy. Gain tips and secrets to monitoring your competitors; discover the keywords they are targeting, the amounts they are spending on ads, and the opportunities they are missing. This session will focus on both paid search and SEO competitive analysis.

Pubcon Las Vegas

October 2012
Discovering the Trade Secrets of Your Competitors MORE
In this session you will learn how to effectively apply reverse engineering to search engine analytics so that you can unearth the trade secrets of your competitors, providing you with a profitable edge in your market. You will be educated on how to find the response rates of your competitors direct marketing initiatives, locate advertising budget trends, and discern which product(s) your competitors are marketing most heavily and when. Additionally, you will discover how to utilize the PPC and optimization efforts of your competitors to gain a stealth advantage overall.

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